will partin


i’m a doctoral student at the university of north carolina in the department of communication, where i research the platformization of cultural production with an emphasis on digital games, livestreaming, and esports. i’m writing my dissertation about overwatch league, and will be conducting fieldwork with a north american team during its 2020 season.

my most current cv may always be found here.

if you’re interested in speaking with my regarding any and all academic topics, feel free to email me at wcpartin@live.unc.edu. i love talking to press, and i’m always willing to give quotes on any esports-related topic.


i draw on a lively mix of intellectual traditions and methodologies to think about how digital technologies are altering the production, monetization, and distribution of cultural commodities. i’m fluent in science and technology studies, political economy of communication, and critical organizational communication. and while i have a preference for qualitative interviewing and ethnographic work, i can also do qualitative and quantitative content analysis.

i have articles forthcoming in the peer-reviewed journals surveillance and society and social media + society, as well as several book chapters on esports.

i tend to present at conferences like that of the association of internet researchers, digital games research association, society for social studies of science, and national/international communication association.


at unc, i mostly teach courses on media theory/history/criticism, games studies, and critical organizational communication. above all, i’m interested in helping students problematize technologies of everyday life to see how artifacts – from weighted blankets to juuls to car crash dummies to social media platforms – shape our experience of the world. i’ve also served as a subject matter expert for illinois state university’s esports management course.