will partin


as an extension of my scholarship, i frequently write for public-facing publications about the intersections of work, technology, and culture for publications like the atlantic, variety, rolling stone, jacobin, los angeles review of books, real life, waypoint, and kotaku. while most people know me for my articles about esports and video games more broadly, i’m comfortable writing about just about any work, technology, or culture related topic.

an archive of all my popular writing (300+ articles) may be found here.

my public-facing writing is informed by my scholarly work, but i’m committed to presenting scholarly ideas in ways that are cognizable by an educated general readership. though elbow-patched antiquarians may say otherwise, it’s my sincere belief that writing for wider audiences is not only a responsibility for scholars, but a way to enrich one’s understanding of one’s own topics. writing is a concrete manifestation of our thoughts and the clarity public-facing writing demands that scholars’ thinking be clear as well.

though i take my publishing obligations seriously, freelancing is, ultimately, a hobby for me. as a result, my academic and consulting responsibilities come first both in terms of time and potential conflicts of interest.

i tend to write about one longform piece a month, but can always make space for timely pieces on topics on which i already have expertise.

if you’d like to commission a piece, please email me at partin.william@gmail.com. social media impressions and article viewership data is available on request.